(English version of our previous post)

All of our staffs have thinking different ways
but we do together to produce the only one.

We trying hard to do our best in all of the cuts,scenes,even one of the pixel of this video.In the same time, we making the CG effects and arrange the way of shooting a scene in order to perfect video for all of you.

To produce the best Fate animation, our digital team have been working together for more than one year.
Miura director and animation director team also working together in this project.

We can done this project better because we knowing each others, discussing together to solve any problem that we have.

Now the story has already end the first battle of Holy Grail War.
We have success to express our thought in this video.

We will work better and better to do our best that we can.Please gives us your support.

Terao Yuichi
Director of photography Ufotable