The Golden LIght



Hello everyone,

The latest episode 「#8 冬の日 心の所在」 have been sucessfully broadcasted.
This episode have alot of conversation of Saber, Shiro and Rin.  .There is also a lot of fighting action at school. Hopefully everyone can enjoy the different expressions of "Fate".

And today We would like to introduce the different about the screen brightness of the Blu-ray ver. and Broadcast ver. I will be talking about the technical term and the colour of the screen.

For the safety of TV broadcasting, any TV program before it airs, it must use a device called the Paka-Checker.  It automatically checks the brightness and the saturation. Also, the device will change the brightness and the saturation to fit the guide line.

For example, this is the opening of Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]
This shoot comes from (OP_c028).

Broadcasting ver. 

Next is the original works of ufotable. (This is our master.)

Master ver. 
You can see that the change of the brightness and scene of a quick motion have a big different clearness in it.(the Blu-ray ver. don't have the rules, so if will be fully original works inside)

I will show one more example of it, episode 8 broadcasted last week.
Shiro summoned Saber ―

The Golden Light shining in the Red turbid barrier, this is the shoot of the image that our decided to.We check it over and over again,and decided to use this scene.

Our digital team will be glad if everyone can watching the same scene with us and feel the world view of Fate/stay night

Digital Team ufotable.

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